Bellahaus Mission and Values

Welcome to our website. The Finnish "Sisu and Spirit" has been our driving force since 2001. It describes our values at Bellahaus -honesty, innovation, perseverance, courage and determination to be boldly different. Our mission is to be Genuine, Exceptional, Innovative and Involved in the everchanging Real Estate markets. 
It is our pride that we take every Real Estate deal, no matter how big or small, into account with full heart and effort because a satisfied customer is very important for us. 
We offer comprehensive selling / buying / renting / leasing and appraisal services for commercial and residential properties worldwide. We are also involved in various land development and investment projects worldwide. Our staff consists of local professionals working in our extensive global network in Real Estate business. We emphasize to serving you the best possible way - whether you want to sell or invest locally or abroad. We are able to provide you with best options and most profitable properties. Our motto is "Real Estate across borders" 
If you have information regarding buyers of any of our properties, or you have knowledge of properties that might be of interest to us, or you simply wish to contact us in matters important to you, please contact us through our contact form. We offer incentive for qualified referrers.
Carpe diem!