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A 4 - star hotel situated in the heart of Calabria with panoramic views over the Gulf of Lamezia. The facilities include 93 rooms of which 3 are suits, a big garden, terraces, restaurant and  bar, gym and petanque field. Two swimming pools of which one is a  certified Olympic size pool.

Year of Construction                                     From 2001-2003

Year of taken into use                                   2003

Size of Plot                                                   13.825 m2

Garden                                                         700 m2

Surrounding land                                          47.400 m2

Outside parking                                            500 m2

Covered garage                                            200 m2

Period when hotel is in use                           All year round

Current condition of the buildings                 GOOD

Large area with panoramic view can be used for a Beaty Farm.



Sales Licenses                                             For selling alcohol, Lido food and beverage license



Star rating of hotel                                       4 star hotel

Number of rooms                                        93

Choice of beds in rooms                              2 or 3 or 4 bed rooms

Amenities in rooms                                      Independent Air-conditioning, refrigerator, Color TV and Safe.

Number of Suites                                         3 suites with Jacuzzi

Number of beds in total                                200

Hotel has a minibus with 9 seats

Degree of compliance to local legislation      No modification required

Conformity to standards                                Obtained

Muncipal license                                            Obtained

Fire inspection license                                   Obtained



Swimming pools

Outdoor pool                                                 Olympic-sized swimming pool accredited by F.I.N

Indoor pool                                                     Heated pool with two countercurrent swimming                                                                                                                                          pool, ghanging rooms with showers for any


Beauty farm

Terraces                                                        2 500 m2

GYM                                                              200 m2

Petanque field

Lifts                                                               3 lifts for up to 8 people. One with panoramic views.




# 1                                                                  Size 200 m2 fully equipped kitchen

# 2                                                                  Size 80 m2 with fryer, 2x10 l kettles, 8 kitchen burners   

                                                                       and 2 large ovens.


Restaurant halls                                          Total area 450 m2 with air and heat recovery system.

Panoramic restaurant                                    400 seats

Terrazo restaurant                                         120 seats

Breakfast room                                               Size 100 m2

Pool bar                                                          Size 100 m2

Lobby bar                                                       Size 30 m2

Lobby, Administration Office and                   Size  400 m2

Director´s Office, Luggage room      



with air-conditioning  and partly with air         Sizes 20 m2, 30 m2, 120 m2, 300 m2

and heat recovery syste


LAUNDRY ROOM                                         100 m2   

Equipped with 4 washing machines for 10 kg laundry; 1 for 20 kg laundry, 2 dryers, 2 mangles, 2 dryers with large fans



3 rooms with 7 bed places for personnel with private bathroom and air conditioning


WAREHOUSE                                                 Two negative fridge cells and four positive cells

Water reserves                                                 70 000 liters

2 Solar panels for hot water system

Generator                                                         400 kW

Deposit of water                                               70 MC



Distance from the beach and sea                       4,5 km

Reserved beach area at Lido                             1 200 m2

Distance from airiport                                         26 km / 18 km on motorway

Distance from motorway exit Pizzo Calabro       8 km

Distance from railway station of Vibo Pizzo       1,5 km



PRICE: upon request


LOCATION: The San Leonardo Resort is situated in the heart of Calabria, half way at 250 meters above the coast by the port of Vibo Marina around the Gulf of Lamezia with breathtaking panorama, with indescribable sunsets, and a view of the Stromboll volcano. The sea can be seen from all over the hotel as it has beeb built on multiple levels. The numerous terrace area all accessible and sur, rounded by high trees: oliva trees, oaks, holm oaks, and acacias.

For Tourists to visit nearby: Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Sierra San Bruno, the old village of Pentadattilo, the cultural center Stylus, Pizzo Calabro, Reggio Calabria, Ferdinandea, Mongiana, Gerace, Paola, The Sila area with the lakes Arvo and Ampollino and the mountains etc.

Deal: For sale
Type: Hotel